Integrity management included in light rail project assessment

Friday, February 22, 2008
Issue 261, Page 5
Word count: 661
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Integrity management was being introduced by the SAR government as one of the assessment criteria for the seven invited consultant company candidates which seek participation in the first phase construction of the elevated light rail transit project.

A press conference was held by the Transport and Infrastructure Office (GIT) at the Science and Technology Development Fund office in the Dynasty Plaza yesterday.

Chaired by chief of GIT, Lei Chan Tong, procedures and requirements of lodging a bidding proposal were presented to the media during the conference.

The GIT located at the Ocean Tower in Avenida dos Jardins do Oceano, Taipa, will start accepting bidding proposals from the qualified international consultant companies today until 5pm on April 25.

The seven government-selected consultant candidates are Consulgal S.A. (Portugal), CPG Corporation (Singapore), EGIS Rail (France), Lea+Elliott (the United States), Movares Nederland B.V. (the Netherlands), MTR Corporation, Ltd (Hong Kong), and Setec its (France).

The winning bidder who receives the highest score from the vetting committee, Mr Lei said, will be responsible for the project management and technical support during the first phase construction of the mass transit system which is expected to be due in 2011.

Consultant services which will be provided include analysing, anticipating and improving the government’s initial light rail proposal on the aspects of management module, operation system, passenger capacity and trip prices; and preparing contractor regulations in terms of the rail system, materials of building the tracks and civil engineering design, as well as setting out the contracts and providing technical analyse and support.

The winning consultant company will also assist with overseeing and monitoring the entire project including integrating all the civil engineering designs and construction plans, and providing proposals regarding the construction materials of the tracks and the elevated train.

Moreover, the company will need to help GIT set out risk management measures.

New criteria were introduced to the vetting committee which Mr Lei said aimed to maintain a more independent, professional and objective bidding and assessment processes.

According to Lam Soi Hoi, a consultant of GIT, candidates must have to submit an integrity management proposal as part of the bidding application, and the commitment program will weigh five percent of the overall assessment score.

The integrity plan has to set out details of declaration of conflict of interest, a confidence mechanism and adhering to the industry’s professional practices and ethics.

Mr Lam said the content will become part of the contract and therefore, the consultant company will be deemed as breaching the agreement and receive penalty when found not complying with the plan.

However, Mr Lei said members from the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) would not form part of the vetting committee but representatives from different transport-related departments, adding that none of the department representatives would play a dominant role over the other committee members.

In order to safeguard autonomy of the consultant work in the future, Mr Lei said the winning company will not be allowed to be involved in any other areas of the light rail project, and a new tender will be staged to recruit another consultant company for the second phase of construction.

According to Mr Lam, the seven qualified candidates were chosen from more than 50 worldwide consultant companies which the government had conducted research on.

The GIT consultant admitted that Macau was lack of the kind of consultant companies that possess ample experiences in large-scale non-manual transit projects.

The number of potential candidates was later reduced to about 10 as Mr Lam said the eliminated ones did not show a history that the SAR is looking for.

The seven consultant companies were lastly narrowed down because of their geographic location, he added.

Apart from the experience factor, the technical capability, management skills and industry connection were the other aspects Mr Lam said GIT had looked at.

After the collection period of bidding proposals is over, the vetting committee will enter the assessment process with guidelines and pre-set formulas on April 28.


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