Government petitioned as casino workers claim unlawful sackings

Thursday, April 24, 2008
Issue 323, Page 1
Word count: 387
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Nearly 50 present and retired casino workers handed in a petition letter to the Legislative Assembly yesterday urging for the government’s attention to protect local workers’ employment opportunities.

The Macau Workers’ Interests Association assembled near the Nam Van Nautical Centre at 5pm and then headed to the Legislative Assembly with banners reading their demands to the Third Standing Committee which was responsible in reviewing the Labour Law reform.

A spokesperson of the group, Cheng Chak Woo, who works as a pit supervisor at one of the local casinos, said they supported the government’s latest measures to curb any further growth of the gaming industry citing it had already been saturated.

In order to reduce operation costs, Mr Cheng said many major casinos had started cutting the number and operation hours of gaming tables and mainly the foreign-invested casinos had even dismissed a number of staff without giving any “justified reasons” and compensation.

For example, workers would be accused of not meeting the demands of the company and then be sacked while they were not even given clear prior work instructions, he said.

“Some workers were told to resign rather than being sacked by the company if they wanted to have a better employment record which is very important for finding other jobs afterwards,” the spokesperson added.

Mr Cheng said problems in relation to casino workers’ employment opportunities had already been raised last year, and he estimated that nearly 200 local workers including dealers, pit supervisors and floor managers were fired unreasonably at different casinos over the past few months.

Although salary had not been reduced, “we can’t see the number of imported labourers has been cut”, he said.

“Our [Macau workers’] only weakness compared with foreign labourers is the English ability, which is ridiculous because English should not become a dominant job requirement in the land of China,” Mr Cheng said, adding “but in terms of experience and wisdom we will definitely exceed the foreigners”.

The petition letter submitted reflected to the government “the difficulties and unfair treatments” experienced by the local casino workers.

The group demanded the government to set out regulations in the Labour Law to secure their prior employment before non-local labourers as well as to include tips which contributed significantly to their income as part of the work proceeds recognised by the law.


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  1. havok Said:

    I just want to say something about what Mr.Cheng Chak Woo said regarding when it come’s to experience and wisdom for foreigner’s is that they (local) can exceed the foreigners, well Mr. Cheng this is what i can say about that, your mentalitty is totally different from foreigner,all you want is to earn money (sorry but that’s the truth) without any dedication from your job,that is why you cannot exceed and try not to compare your self to foreigner because you are to way behind from them when it come’s to experience..

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