Young engineers encouraged to broaden their horizons

Sunday, May 11, 2008
Issue 340, Page 2
Word count: 394
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Transport and public works secretary Lau Si Io yesterday encouraged young engineers to pursue a “positive” life and engage in social affairs, instead of “only emphasising academic performance”.

Attending the sharing session with local engineers and university students, Secretary Lau recognised the quality of the local professionals, but added that they should “broaden their horizons” and “practise more critical thinking” in bid to contribute to Macau’s sustainable development.

He said engineers needed to explore different disciplines, be “all-rounded” and concerned about their society’s future.

“Macau people usually don’t have a strong consciousness towards government policy,” the Secretary told the attendees, “they shouldn’t only keep an eye in their community, but also in China as well as the globe. Things happening in other places can also impact.”

Secretary Lau admitted that the SAR in some areas “is not comparable to other neighbouring regions” and the rapid growth in recent years has hindered the city in establishing a solid foundation.

However, the young engineers were told to solve problems by referring to experiences and examples of other advanced countries.

As for young and inexperienced engineers, the Secretary said how much a job could earn them was not a primary issue, but what kind of opportunity it offered and the career prospects were the key.

“The value isn’t built on money, but the job satisfaction that will last from generation to generation after building a bridge or a building,” he said, adding it was an achievement that could “truly enhance the development of a society”.

According to the Secretary, the future of engineering rested on Macau’s sustainable development and its ability to maintain steady economic growth.

This, he said, required public involvement as the government’s contribution “will not be enough”.

During the outbreak of the “SARS” epidemic between March and June 2003, Secretary Lau said participating in the round-the-clock mass hygienic works was the most impressive experience throughout his career.

He said he witnessed “the most inferior living conditions in Macau” that he was never aware of before. 

Chairman of the Macau Institution of Engineers’ youth division, Albert Chuck, said the secretary’s sharing had given them “a lot of valuable insights”.

“For young graduates or engineers, what they need to maintain is a positive attitude and a desire to learn. Together with their capability, I believe their career prospect in Macau is very optimistic,” Mr Chuck added.


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