Local youth to showcase talents to raise funds for quake relief

Thursday, May 22, 2008
Issue 351, Page 6
Word count: 323
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

A fund-raising activity for the Sichuan quake will be held at Tap Seac Square on Saturday by two local youth associations who aim to raise 400,000 patacas to help rebuild one of the schools that collapsed during the 8-magnitude disaster last Monday.

The initiative is organised by the Macau Sol Matinal Academic Association and the Refresh Education Research Association in bid to raise enough funds to cover a school’s construction expense and its students’ future education.

Charity sales of food, beverages, toys, games and accessories will start at 2pm and finish at 7pm.

And from 3pm to 7pm, local youths and singers will stage performances including band shows, magic, dancing and Chinese martial art Wushu.

According to president of the Sol Matinal Academic Association, William Koi, the donation will be kept at the Chinese Liaison Office in Macau before they can select one of the affected schools in Sichuan Province to become the beneficiary.

The fund will afterwards be delivered to the Sichuan provincial government to start rebuilding the school, Mr Koi added.

The organisers said during yesterday’s press conference that raising 400,000 patacas was just a “beginning” as they hoped to have the donation snowballed in the future in order to fund the mainland students’ education expenses until they finish high school or even university.

Mr Koi also appealed to more organisations and teenagers to participate in Saturday’s event or to give talent shows.

The Macau Engineers Association has agreed to take part in the future construction project in Sichuan especially to monitor its quality, Mr Koi said.

Other participating event organisers include the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, the Student’s Unions of the University of Macau, the Macau Polytechnic Institute and the Institute for Tourism Studies, Legal Affairs Bureau, Joshua Church and the Fu Hong Society.

Participants are urged to dress in black or other dark colour as a means to mourn the ten thousands of victims from the massive earthquake.


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