Police arrest HK$5m robber hours after crime

Thursday, May 22, 2008
Issue 351, Page 3
Word count: 360
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The mastermind who was allegedly behind a collusion to rob a junket promoter of HK$5 million was arrested by the Judiciary Police at the airport four hours after committing the crime on Tuesday.

But the other accomplice is still on the run and police believe he has fled to Hong Kong after getting his HK$200,000 share on the same day.

According to police spokesperson Chan Kin Hong, the victim, a 30-year-old local junket promoter from Korea, received a call from a purported customer, also from Korea, who wanted to exchange some millions of Korean currency for Hong Kong dollars before going to gamble.

As the two Koreans had transactions in the past, the junket promoter immediately went to a casino hotel in Nape taking with him HK$5 million of cash to meet with the customer in midday.

However, once the 30-year-old entered the hotel room, he was attacked by two men with pepper spray and was tied up afterwards, and the large sum of cash was snatched, Mr Chan said yesterday.

The victim managed to escape about 20 minutes later and reported to police.

At about 4pm the Judiciary Police located one of the suspects, who police believed was the mastermind, at the Macau International Airport.

The main suspect, a 30-year-old named B.Sungmin, was caught when he was going through the immigration counter before flying to Bangkok.

The police spokesperson said the suspect admitted to police that he knew the junket promoter had a large sum of cash in hand and thus colluded with another Korean man to come to Macau from Hong Kong on Monday.

The pair also allegedly bought a toy gun in a local department store for threatening the victim, Mr Chan added.

Only HK$4.8 million was retrieved after police found that the mastermind had deposited the lump sum in a Nape casino and requested to withdraw the money in its sister casino located outside Macau.

Police believed the HK$200,000 was taken by another Korean suspect to Hong Kong where their police had been notified about the flight, Mr Chan said.

The suspect was sent to the Public Prosecutions Office and will be charged with aggravated robbery.


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  1. Jon Said:

    So is the kind of currency excahnge mentioned legal? It seems extraordinary that individuals should be carrying around such huge amounts of cash anyway!

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