Italy to create closer ties with Macau in annual festival

Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Issue 364, Page 7
Word count: 463
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The Italian National Day cocktail celebrations were held yesterday at the Macau Tower where the six-month long Italian Festival has also been unveiled for the first time in Macau this year.

To mark the 62nd anniversary of the Italian Republic, yesterday’s event was organised by the Consulate General of Italy, Italian Trade Commission and the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre.

Presiding at the cocktail and festival’s opening ceremony were Chief Executive Edmund Ho Hau Wah; Italian Consul General Alessandro De Pedys; Italian Trade Commissioner Romano Baruzzi; executive chairman of Shun Tak Holdings Dr Stanley Ho; as well as chairman of Macau Tower Pansy Ho.

After toasting the Italian National Day to some 200 guests, the Italian Festival 2008 officially began which will span over June to December at the Macau Tower.

An annual event run by the Italian Trade Commission, the last seven years saw the festival held in Hong Kong where the “Made in Italy” label was promoted.

In its eighth edition, the festival travels to Macau for the first time showcasing a variety of famous Italian brands and products under a unique monthly theme from September to December.

Commissioner Baruzzi said during the ceremony that Macau was an “all-time vibrant city where East meets West and with a fascinating fusion of culture, history and tourist surprises”.

“This is the eighth edition of the Italian Festival, and I was told that ‘8′ is a lucky number in Chinese culture as it carries a connotation of ‘prosperity’ and ‘wealth’,” the commissioner said.

“I’m sure this is a wonderful beginning and I wish to see more of our Italian events being brought to Macau,” he added.

According to Pansy Ho, the Italian Festival is an important event not only in culminating intercultural understanding, but also in facilitating trade and commercial activities between the two nations.

“With the city transforming into a truly international destination, and Macau fast-becoming a preferred gateway to the enormous potentials of the mainland market, we believe the Italian Festival 2008 will bring about great opportunities and benefits to all trades,” Ms Ho said.

In September, Italian cuisines will be served at the Macau Tower where alfresco wine and dining options will be available with the presence of a guest chef from Italy.

In October, a multimedia exhibition “All you need to know about white truffle – the Mozart of mushrooms” will be staged before the truffle is being auctioned off.

The following month will feature an Italian sports car exhibition with selected models from the likes of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat and Maserati.

The Macau Tower will in the last month of the year host a multi-brand exhibition of Italian products including fashion, furniture, jewellery and art pieces. Cultural performances will also be held during weekends when Christmas approaches.


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