Cable connections destroyed, 400 CTM customers affected

Saturday, June 21, 2008
Issue 381, Page 3
Word count: 315
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Two telecom facility rooms in Areia Preta and Luis Camoes were found damaged by corrosive acid yesterday, bringing down the phone lines and internet access of about 400 CTM customers.

According to Patrick Ip, chief financial officer at a press conference yesterday, the “malicious” damage was discovered by technicians at about 11am while conducting “regular inspections”.

The damaged telecom rooms were in the residential buildings Kuong Fok On Garden in Areia Preta and Lai Hou Garden in Luis Camoes.

Vice-president of network operations, Declan Leong, said the rooms housed telephone and internet cable connections and therefore no actual telecom facilities had been destroyed.

Emergency services have been activated immediately and CTM has been assisting affected households to divert their landline phone calls to a designated number, Mr Leong added.

The two facility rooms were sealed by police until late in the afternoon and repairs were carried out immediately.

At the press conference the two executives refused to comment on whether the incidents have any link with CTM’s recent announcement of a 656 million pataca profit for 2007 or if they were performed by their staff members.

Mr Leong said the telecom facility rooms were normally locked and keys are only available from CTM, but he added that the incidents are under police investigation and it is not yet known if the locks were damaged.

The telecom company cannot yet estimate the total loss, adding it was the first time that their property had been damaged “maliciously”.

CTM in a press release issued last night said most of the affected services had already been fixed.

It is expected that all the 400 household landline and internet services will be back to normal on Sunday at the latest, the chief financial officer said.

Compensation may be arranged for affected customers according to their loss, Mr Ip said.

For more information and assistance, call CTM hotline on 1000.

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