Leaving office chiefs shall have no new job restrictions: lawmakers

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Issue 420, Page 3
Word count: 319
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The public vocation system eventual committee suggested to the government yesterday that office chiefs shall be permitted to work in the private sector immediately after leaving their government positions.

The Eventual Committee for the Analysis of the Public Vocation System continued to deliberate the bill which is to revise the regulations imposed on directors and chiefs at the Legislative Assembly yesterday.

The government proposed that top bureaucrats shall be prohibited from working in the private sector for six months after termination of their appointment.

During the period leaving officials could receive a monthly compensation of their full previous government salary, after which they will be free to accept job offers from any companies.

On the other hand, prior approvals must be obtained from the Chief Executive if bureaucrats want to start a new job in the private sector before the restriction is lifted.

According to president of the eventual committee, Sam Chan Io, despite office chiefs being entitled to the same amount of salary as bureau directors of 59,000 patacas, their levels are different and thus office chiefs could be excluded from the six-month prohibition.

Director of the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau, Jose Chu, said in June that the government proposal was to “safeguard the image of administration departments and build a clean government”.

Mr Chu added that the Chief Executive might not give permission to leaving bureaucrats who wished to work in the private sector during the restriction period “if a conflict of interest exists between their former government positions and the new jobs”.

The government representatives did not yet give responses to the committee yesterday, Mr Sam said, adding the coming meetings will see more in-depth discussion between the two sides regarding the possible exclusion for office chiefs.

At present, chiefs of offices include those for the Chief Executive, the five Secretaries, the International Law Office, the Legal Reform Office and the Human Resources Office.


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