Romanian consul general sets to reinforce mutual investment

Saturday, August 2, 2008
Issue 423, Page 3
Word count: 387
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The newly appointed Romanian consul general to Hong Kong and Macau, Eduard Goean, said yesterday he will facilitate investment opportunities between the SARs and the European Union during his term.

Mr Goean met with president of the Macau Legislative Assembly, Susana Chou, at the Assembly building yesterday in which the ambassador described the meeting was “absolutely amazing”.

Graduated in a university in mainland China, Mr Goean said his style of thinking is “more like a Chinese than a European sometimes”.

As Ms Chou also had studied abroad in Europe, he told the media after the meeting that he and the president talked about the difficulties of studying abroad, especially for Asian people as they will afterwards have “two different mindsets of both cultures at the same time”.

Having written a book in Chinese about the economic and political relations between Romania and China and being able to speak mandarin, the new consul general said “it’s absolutely necessary to be able to speak the language of the other country as well as to understand their way of thinking” if one wants to improve the relation between two countries.

According to Mr Goean, improving the relation between Romania and Macau will be one of the most important agendas during his term.

“Romania can be a huge entrance for Macau business people,” he said, adding “in the next few years Constanta, the biggest Romanian port on Black Sea, could become the second largest port in the EU after Rotterdam.”

On the other hand, Mr Goean said more European people should come to Asia in order to better understand the place.

“Macau is very well known for tourism and entertainment. I’m sure that a lot of business people in Romania or EU are interested to come here not only to spend money, but also to invest,” the consul general said.

“I’m also confident that I’ll be able to find interesting projects here in which I will involve in joining companies from Macau and mainland China to go invest in Romania and EU,” he added.

As Mr Goean’s office is in Hong Kong, he said he hopes to come to Macau every week to explore the “inside” part of the region by seeing more local people.

“Macau is a peaceful and nice place. But it’s just what it looks from the outside”.


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