Reality show starring two Asian singers began shooting in Macau yesterday

Friday, August 8, 2008
Issue 429, Page 7
Word count: 383
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

A reality multimedia production featuring two Asian stars’ one-day adventures had begun filming in Macau yesterday and will continue throughout the weekend.

“Asian Star 24”, borrows from the style of American TV drama “24”, which tells the experiences Chinese R&B singer Ayi Jihu and British born Canto-pop star Barry Cox have encountered being a celebrity within 24 hours in Macau.

A press conference was held at StarWorld Casino at 3pm yesterday which also marked the beginning of the formal shooting.

Producers of the 25-minute TV show (or a three-minute segment on mobile phones) include CEO of London-based 88 Ent Ltd/Shlepp Entertainment Ltd, Stevie Eagle E, and publisher of Macau Business, Paulo Azevedo.

According to Stevie, “Asian Star 24” will be premièred in Macau and “eventually all over Asia and worldwide” as it will be produced for a multimedia audience and edited into segments, thus allowing it to be serialised for TV, online, and mobile services.

The production will be multilingual as both artists are able to speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Stevie also said that Macau is the “only place in the world” where the production can be made possible given such a short time frame of three days of filming.

Apart from the aim of promoting the rising artists, Stevie said the series will showcase Macau’s unique culture mix and its vibrant life to the world.

Attractions such as the Military Club, Old Ladies House, Macau Tower, nightclubs and casinos will be some of the locations where “Asian Star 24” will be filmed at.

The producer said the show is of a reality genre because it is to show “what it means to be an artist”, adding audiences will not believe the message if it is made fictional.

“There is only one percent of their lives that is glamourous whilst 99 percent involve hard work,” Stevie said.

Ayi, a Sichuan born R&B singer established in the UK, said Macau was the “perfect” destination for the shooting as it is “multilingual, multicultural” as well as serving as a “bridge” between the east and the west.

Barry, who was born in Liverpool, England, and is passionate about everything from the Orient, said he hopes to play the “cultural ambassador” in order to bring his experiences from the west to the east and vice versa.


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