Man almost dies smuggling 1.3 million patacas worth of heroin

Saturday, August 16, 2008
Issue 437, Page 4
Word count: 235
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

A man who fell into coma on the flight from Malaysia to Macau this week was found having 1,300 grams of heroin inside his body.

According to Judiciary Police spokesman Choi Iat Peng yesterday, the 26-year-old Tanzanian man surnamed Mamdadi flew from Bombay, India to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the day before flying to Macau on Tuesday.

However the man fell into coma on the plane to the SAR and thus was sent to the intensive care unit at the Conde de São Januário Hospital after the plane landed at the Macau International Airport.

A x-ray examination showed that there were “large amounts” of packed drugs inside his digestive system, and thus the police’s narcotics division was contacted for investigation, Mr Choi said.

As the suspect remained in coma at the time, the hospital had to conduct a surgery in order to remove the drugs from his body.

Mr Choi said it was suspected that the drugs leaked from the packages which caused the 26-year-old to lose his consciousness.

A total of 87 packs of heroin weighing 1,300 grams were collected, the spokesman said, adding the estimated value was about 1.3 million patacas.

Police are still investigating the source of the heroin and where it was supposed to be sold. But Mr Choi said it would probably be sold in the mainland.

The suspect and the seized drugs were sent to the Public Prosecutions Office yesterday.


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