Exhibition telling Macau’s changes now open

Sunday, August 17, 2008
Issue 438, Page 4
Word count: 372
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The “Sound of Silence” group exhibition yesterday opened at Creative Macau, telling the stories of how Macau’s urban landscape has changed over the years.

The Centre for Creative Industries, commonly known as Creative Macau, invited 14 artists particularly in the creative areas of advertising, architecture, design and crafts to creative one artwork of their own expressing the actual urban development and the modern lifestyle of Macau for the exhibition.

The creative objects or art pieces are now on display at Creative Macau’s multifunctional gallery until August 30.

The designs objects include tiles, table lamp, eco-chopsticks, letter box, metal frame with acrylic boards and copper wire as well as a two-in-one wooden hanger with chair.

According to the event’s organiser, “every morning people wake up looking through the window and they notice that there is something different out there, no matter it’s tangible or intangible.”

“We’re the witnesses of these rapid changes in the urban landscape of the city as the charming lifestyle of Macau has been replaced by a busy one,” the organiser added.

As the Macau International Trade and Investment Fair will be held in October, the most unique design objects from the group exhibition will be selected and displayed in the booth representing the Centre for Creative Industries at the fair.

One of the participating artists, Alice Lee, said she tried to look at the SAR’s changes from a different angle since she has only been in Macau for four years and what she perceived might be “superficial”.

“I can’t criticise too much about the city as I’m not a local. That’s why I designed my wall relief according to local places or scenes that attracted me the most,” Alice said.

“I like wandering around in old districts such as Taipa’s old town and the Inner Harbour areas to see the houses, windows and tiles on the grounds,” she added.

Alice’s project for the “Sound of Silence” exhibition contains 10 pieces of wall relief. Their sizes are between 10cm x 10cm and 40cm x 40cm.

Prints on the relief reflect the history of Macau, which was transformed from a tranquil fishing village to a booming gambling city.

Creative Macau opens daily from 2pm to 7pm except Sundays and public holidays.


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