Industry workshop shows how technology transforms Macau

Thursday, September 11, 2008
Issue 463, Page 4
Word count: 390
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Cisco Systems, a US-based supplier of networking and communications technology, held a full day workshop in Macau yesterday in which guest speakers spoke about how technology was a key driver behind economic development and the betterment of the city.

Themed “Experience the City Transformation”, Cisco Macau Showcase 2008 attracted some 400 participants from the government, business and public sector at MGM Grand Macau for their keynote session, panel discussion, technology and application exhibition and series of breakout tracks.

Held between 10am and 6pm, the event highlighted the significance of the newest networking technologies and applications in transforming the way of how people work, live, play and learn.

Addressing the issues of how technology played a contributing role in the development of Macau in areas such as tourism, transport, manufacturing, and small and medium enterprises, the Showcase began with a keynote speech by Howard Charney, senior vice president of Cisco.

Mr Charney spoke on the theme of innovation, shedding light on how the three aspects of innovation – talent, investment and infrastructure – supported the transformation of the SAR.

He also looked at the role of technology and network in focal areas including employment, societal benefits and the broadening of the region’s economic base.

Following the keynote address was a panel discussion featuring director of the Telecom Regulation Bureau, Lawrence Tou, director of Kiang Wu Hospital, Zhang Xuming and senior vice president of eSun Holdings, Sharon Cheung who shared their insights of how information technology had become pervasive in changing Macau.

In addition, an exhibition showcasing a variety of network-based technology including network security, wireless mobility, unified communications, digital media system as well as industry specific solutions was staged as part of the event yesterday.

The afternoon session saw a few short individual seminars in which industry associates and technology professionals spoke about transforming teaching and learning through mobile learning technologies and ensuring business continuity by data centre solution.

General manager of Cisco Hong Kong and Macau, Barbara Chiu, said, “This industry-leading event is another initiative that underscores our ongoing commitment to helping foster economic development and improve people’s lifestyles in Macau.

“With the theme of ‘Experience the City Transformation’, the event demonstrates how ‘network as the platform’ technology brings about innovation in Macau’s main development areas, improving the city’s competitiveness and augmenting its international image and status,” Ms Chiu added.


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