Rock festival to showcase the essence of Asian music today

Sunday, September 14, 2008
Issue 466, Page 6
Word count: 628
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Pop Shuvit, a Malaysian band which is one of the performing groups in today’s rock marathon festival in Macau, said Asian music should not be “undervalued” and is “as good as the western one”.

In order to facilitate the development of local music and bands and also with an aim of giving Macau rock fans a new experience, the Macau Cultural Centre (CCM) this year collaborated with Macau Music Power to produce the fourth edition of the annual rock festival, “HUSH!! Full Band”.

Running from 1pm to 11pm today at the Art Plaza stage outside the CCM, the 10-hour outdoor marathon will bring 12 local bands and eight groups from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei to hip hop and rock music lovers of Macau.

Independent bands Pop Shuvit from Kuala Lumpur and Crying Nut from Seoul, both for the first time came to Macau, met the local press at the CCM yesterday after their arrivals.

Having released albums mainly in English but also Japanese and Malay, the Malaysian group of five was regarded by one of the Macau bands as the most “anticipated” performer in today’s festival.

Pop Shuvit, however, responded that they don’t believe they’re better than anyone, adding that they want to absorb elements from other cultures by playing in different countries.

“Having fun is the nutshell, showing audience energetic music, jumping around and to make people forget about troubles at home,” the hip hop rock band said.

Pop Shuvit brought themselves up in 2005 and has been doing music independently. The members admitted that networking is the “backbone” of an independent band.

Thus they also see “HUSH!!” as an opportunity to make friends with musicians from other backgrounds and hopefully from then invitations can be exchanged to go perform outside one’s home country, the Malaysian musicians said.

“We want to tell people that Asian music is as good as that comes from the west. But at home people usually look down on local music while look up on the western one,” Pop Shuvit added.

The Kuala Lumpur’s leading hip hop rock band told the press they have an “interesting” but also “unrealistic” goal – to win a Grammy Award which is for excellence in record industry.

“At this moment we’re keen on achieving small milestones which hopefully will lead to our goal ultimately, so that at the end of the day when we look back our career we know we’ve achieved something big,” Pop Shuvit said.

“What we’re doing now is paving the way for the next generation of musicians. We’re seeing the death of major labels and physical CDs and so we’re just adapting to the changes,” the Malaysian band added.

Meanwhile, Seoul’s Crying Nut has been in the music scene since 1996 and released its first album two years later.

Also playing in the Fuji Rock Festival 2000, the five Korean musicians were spotted by some Macau people of the music industry during an international music event in South Korea in May and thus afterwards were invited to make their appearance for Macau audience.

Amazed by Macau’s weather and “strange buildings”, the rock band from Seoul said they just want to play music to audience at this stage as they’re looking at “quality big” matter instead of commercially.

Although Crying Nut’s music is only composed in their mother tongue, the band said they are not worried about communications problems with Macau fans as music itself is a “universal language” and body language is also a “good communicator”.

In the 2008 edition of “HUSH!!”, the CCM introduces a ballot for fans to vote for the best local band among the 12 through SMS and the winning band will be invited to come back for performance in next year’s rock marathon.


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