Proprietors can apply for building management sponsorship from today

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Issue 469, Page 5
Word count: 346
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Locally registered residential or commercial buildings can from today apply for a government sponsorship of 2,000 patacas to 5,000 patacas for the purpose of raising building management quality.

The Housing Bureau (IHM) held a press conference yesterday introducing the building management sponsorship program which is aimed at encouraging proprietors or building unit owners to appoint a management authority for their buildings as well as to set up a common reserve fund.

Each application will be granted no more than 2,000 patacas for a building with less than 50 units, 3,000 patacas for 50 to 99 units, 4,000 patacas for 100 to 399 units, and 5,000 patacas for 400 units or above.

President of the IHM, Chiang Coc Meng, said the grants are to subsidise expenses rising from holding landlord meetings in order to choose a management company and set up a common reserve fund for the building’s management affairs.

Only residential or commercial buildings which were registered at the Property Registry of Macau are eligible to apply, Mr Chiang added.

Application results will be mailed to relevant entities within 45 days after submitting all required documents.

After proprietors had summoned the first plenary meeting, a copy of the agenda needs to be submitted to the Housing Bureau within 30 days of listing how the sponsorship will be used and personal details of all members of the selected management company.

In addition, a declaration will be required which points out all expense amounts occurred for the plenary meetings.

Within 30 days after the agendas and declarations are handed in, grants will be distributed by the Building Maintenance Fund.

However, sponsorship will be cancelled and applicants will need to return previously received grants if their applications are found to be false or conference agendas and declarations are not submitted as required, Mr Chiang said.

Buildings which already have their management authorities and common reserve funds can still apply for the sponsorship for six months starting today and will be back paid if applications are approved.

For more information about the program, call 2859 4875 or visit


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