Fringe Festival postponed to April, local organisations called for participation

Thursday, September 18, 2008
Issue 470, Page 3
Word count: 441
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The Macau Fringe Festival, which has usually been held in November since 1999, will have its newest edition postponed to April 2009 with the Tap Seac Square expected to be the major event venue.

In addition, the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) has begun to accept proposals today until November 24 from local non-profit organisations that wished to collaborate with the IACM and design all local and some overseas programs for the annual art and cultural festival.

According to Henry Ma Kam Keong, the member of the IACM administration committee at the press conference yesterday, the festival is changed to be held between April 11 and April 26 due to concerns of cost efficiency and human resources.

Mr Ma said Macau’s art and cultural events such as National Day celebration, Lusofonia Festival, handover ceremony and New Year’s Eve countdown party are usually held mainly during the second half of the year and thus rental fees for lighting, audio and other equipment are generally high and supply of event venues is “tense”.

In addition, he said April is not a peak travelling season so that more artists from outside Macau will be likely to be attracted to join the festival because of lower travelling costs.

“April is also a good time of the year with mild weather,” Mr Ma added.

On the other hand, the IACM called for entries from any locally registered non-profit organisations which are interested in planning programs for the two week festival, as well as managing publicity campaigns and all operational affairs.

Mr Ma said applicants should have the goal of promoting Macau’s art and cultural development, be willing to serve the public and also not aim at making a profit from the festival.

Organisations which are chosen to work with the IACM will be funded about 1.1 million patacas in which one million patacas will be for production of events and performances.

The IACM will also invest another 300,000 patacas for producing their own events such as parades and bazaars selling arts and crafts.

Proposals should include three parts which include the presentation of the organisation structure, programs production and also marketing and publicity strategies.

All applicants will be invited for interviews on either November 29 or November 30 and results will be announced before December 15.

Mr Ma said more than one organisation could be selected depending on the content of their proposals.

An evaluation and financial report will be required to be submitted to the IACM one month after the festival.

For more information about the applications, call the IACM cultural and recreational department on 8988 4000 (extension 131) or email Mr Hui on


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