Nearly 30 men on Individual Visit Scheme found at construction site at midnight

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Issue 491, Page 2
Word count: 264
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

A group of 29 mainlanders who came into Macau on the Individual Visit Scheme were found by police at the construction site of The Venetian Macao at midnight last month and claimed that they were there to “find jobs and borrow money from friends”.

According to the Public Security Police (PSP) spokesman Pun Sio Tong yesterday, the security guard at the construction site on the Cotai Strip saw more than 10 people climb over the wall to get into the site at about 1.30am on September 30.

The security guard then started a pursuit but only four of them were caught, Pun said.

Police was reported afterwards who then tried to locate other intruders at the site. However, when police came to the fifth floor of a building 25 more men were found who all came from the mainland with Chinese passports or passes.

Among the 29 mainlanders who were aged between 20 and 55, Pun said 27 had already had their visas to Macau expired for a few days.

Also, 17 of them had the same family name of Yen and came from the same village in Taishan of Guangdong Province, while the others were from Zengcheng, Pun added.

The mainlanders told police they came to the construction site as they wanted to find jobs or borrow money from friends there.

They also said that they went to the casinos for free food and slept in parks.

The PSP spokesman said that an investigation would be continued on whether the mainlanders were arranged by a syndicate to come to work illegally in Macau.


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