Customs to be given authorities to combat terrorism, money laundering

Saturday, November 8, 2008
Issue 521, Page 4
Word count: 273
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The Executive Council announced yesterday amendments of the operation and organisation of Customs in which more authorities would be given to the force.

According to Tong Chi Kin, the spokesperson of the Executive Council, the operation planning division will be able to take part in international and regional intelligence cooperation as well as to prevent and combat terrorism within the Customs duties through international and regional cooperation.

As well, Customs will be given the authority to collaborate with other government departments or agencies in order to fight against money laundering, Mr Tong said.

In addition, salaries of the assistant director-general and the advisor to the director-general will be increased to respectively 54,280 patacas from 51,330 patacas and 51,330 patacas from 38,350 patacas.

The Executive Council also proposed two new positions of secretary to the director-general and assistant to the director-general.

On the other hand, the Executive Council completed the revision of the administrative regulation regarding the competence of the Security Forces Coordination Office and status of the office director.

Mr Tong said the director of the Office will be upgraded to be in the rank of bureau director and receive 59,000 patacas instead of currently 54,280 patacas.

At the same time, the Office will be required to look after coordination, collection and management of international instruments which are directly or indirectly applied to Macau for the security forces and security departments.

Mr Tong said the increase of salary for the office director was due to increasing workloads of the Office which was the main advisory agency for Macau’s internal security affairs and had to establish connections with internal security systems outside the SAR.


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