Environmental bureau to be set up to replace committee

Saturday, November 8, 2008
Issue 521, Page 2
Word count: 243
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The SAR government is going to dissolve the Environmental Protection Committee and establish a bureau-level body with administrative authorities in order to “keep pace” with the increasing environmental obligations of Macau.

The Executive Council completed deliberation of the draft of the legislation which proposed that the new environmental protection bureau had to be responsible for controlling pollution, planning and assessing environment, educational and publicity campaigns as well as a series of infrastructure for environmental management.

The draft will be passed to the Legislative Assembly which will decide on when the Committee will be dissolved.

Tong Chi Kin, the spokesman of the Executive Council, said yesterday at the government headquarters that the application of international conventions inserted multiple environmental obligations in Macau.

Thus, the original competence of the Environmental Protection Committee was “no longer sufficient to complement with Macau’s current and future environmental development” and a new administrative agency must be set up to replace the Committee, Mr Tong added.

In addition, following the social and economic growth in recent years, Mr Tong said regional cooperation was needed to be reinforced and people’s environmental awareness had been increasing that they were demanding for “higher quality of life”.

Founding of the Environmental Protection Bureau was one of the agendas set in the Policy Address for 2008.
Mr Tong said the Bureau would be in operation at the same time when the Committee was dissolved and the new director would be appointed by the Chief Executive.

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