Photo exhibition takes viewers to a journey of re-exploring daily lives

Sunday, December 7, 2008
Issue 550, Page 5
Word count: 579
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

A photo exhibition that reminds people of common things and scenes in daily lives which are usually overlooked because of the rapid pace of life is being held at Creative Macau until January 6, 2009.

Beyond The Eye – Daily Life showcases winning entries of four local talents who photographed using digital cameras and then made use of manipulation techniques such as Photoshop to enhance the messages the images would deliver to viewers.

It was the first competition launched by Creative Macau with an aim to bring up “hidden” artistic talents in Macau and create a platform for them to present themselves in public, the centre for creative industries said.

The criteria set out by the organiser for each winning entry said the pictures must contain “creativity, technique, conceptual quality, group coherence and innovativeness”.

Each of the four winners has six images that do not necessarily have to be viewed in sequence but can still depict a story of how a resident in Macau spends their life every day.

The first prize, Creative Macau Award, was taken home by 20-year-old Cheang Chi Wai’s entry titled “Life is like a dream”.

“You always live in the world of fantasy with really bad weather. You must learn how to take the bad with the good and choose the right direction to go,” the images description reads.

Cheang was awarded 20,000 pataca prize money offered by Creative Macau.

The second prize, Jornal Tribuna of Macau Award, went to “Deal With It” by 30-year-old Chan Ka Keong who described his works as “what you see is actually rendered by our minds”.

Chan used a man and a woman casino dealer in his photos that are set in a bush and in the sea off Taipa with an overview of the Macau Peninsula as the background.

The second prize winner was awarded 10,000 patacas offered by Portuguese newspaper Jornal Tribuna.

Wong Chi Hang, 31, was the winner of the third prize and special prize of the Macau Business Award in Photojournalism.

His image series, “Day by Day”, got him 8,000 patacas and 10,000 patacas respectively, with the latter prize money sponsored by Macau Business magazine.

Wong’s six photos depict the lives of local residents from morning to night, such as people having breakfast in a street food stall, going home in a cramped bus and reading newspapers in a library.

“We do the same things and pass the day in the same ways day by day, but the views in our mind are not clear. We won’t care about our daily life, thus the images of the photos were blurred [by manipulation technique]”, the entry description reads.

The special prize of Canon Award for the Best Composition went to 26-year-old Lourenco Abrantes Im’s “Detail” that shows objects which can be commonly seen in our everyday life including numbered pigs being used in restaurants, the dial pad of a public telephone and empty soft drink bottles.

“In a fast developing city, the dwellers keep rushing in their daily life. We stimulate economic growth. In the meantime, we deaden things which always accompany with us and which we should not fade,” Im said in his entry description.

The Best Composition winner was awarded a Canon EOS 450D kit set sponsored by the brand itself.

Creative Macau is a project of Institute of European Studies of Macau and supported by the Macao Cultural Centre.

The gallery opens daily from 2pm to 7pm except Sundays and public holidays.


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