Judiciary Police apprehends man with multiple stealing history

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Issue 571, Page 5
Word count: 262
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The Judiciary Police (PJ) yesterday arrested a local resident who allegedly stole valuables from scooters’ helmet boxes for at least four times.

According to the police spokesman Choi Iat Peng a scooter rider parked his vehicle in Rua de Xangai in Nape on August 25 and when he returned found the helmet box was broken and his wallet had gone missing.

The wallet contained 3,500 patacas in cash and a credit card.

The victim reported to police immediately but at the same time he was notified that his credit card had been used to purchase two mobile phones valued at 3,000 patacas, Mr Choi said.

Upon an investigation, the PJ found the suspect sold one of the mobile phones to a pawn shop and was retrieved later. However the suspect said the other cell phone was already lost.

Mr Choi said the PJ also discovered that the 27-year-old suspect, surnamed Sou, a Macau resident, was still in bail awaiting trial for a public embezzlement case back in June 2007.

The suspect was a casino dealer at that time and arrested for allegedly stealing gaming chips.

Yesterday the PJ summoned him to the police station and after an interrogation, Mr Choi said he admitted having committed the theft in August and also other three cases of similar kind.

However, Mr Choi said police suspected the man might have involved in more than four thefts and thus investigation would continue.

The suspect also told police he was into gambling when working in the casino.

He will be sent to the Public Prosecutions Office today.


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