Mocha Clubs feel no pain from financial turmoil, chief says

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Issue 578, Page 5
Word count: 473
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The global economic downturn seems to have had little impact on Mocha Clubs which were able to maintain its slot market share in Macau and a double-digit growth performance in 2008, the chief of the company said yesterday.

At the sidelines of the launch of a new slot machine at the Mocha Marina Plaza, Constance Hsu, the president of Mocha Clubs, told reporters her electronic casinos had had a “sustainable growth” despite the financial crisis was impacting the whole market.

“In 2008 we recorded a double digit growth when compared to 2007,” Ms Hsu said.

“We foresee that in 2009 we will still have a sustainable growth because of our different composition and customer segmentation,” she added.

Also in this year, the Mocha Clubs president said the company would keep on promoting its “superior customer service in the way of product offering” as well as its “unique club atmosphere where we know what our customers like and why they like it”.

Apart from the business performance, Ms Hsu said Mocha Clubs’ market position in 2008 was “quite stable”, occupying about 13 to 14 percent of Macau’s slot market which the company said it aims to retain in the future.

At the end of 2007 there were about 13,000 slot machines in Macau, she said, adding the figure was “about the same” in 2008.

“In the second half of 2007 both The Venetian Macao and MGM Grand Macau opened, presumably it would create a big impact on the slot market, but our market share was able to be kept at 13 to 14 percent at last,” Ms Hsu said.

“That means Mocha has the ability to keep having customers to return,” she added.

Hence, the Mocha Clubs chief said their strategy this year would continue to maintain the “unique customers segmentation and to focus on the loyal club”.

“We don’t target one-time visitors but loyal customers who are looking for good service and intimate interactions with our staff,” Ms Hsu said.

Mocha Clubs, a business owned by Melco Crown Entertainment whose Crown Macau casino has recently implemented cost control measures including pay cuts and more non-paid leave for its employees, had no plan to follow the fellow casino’s action at the moment, Ms Hsu said.

When asked whether her company had any plans to move its eight electronic casinos out from residential areas in respond to the government’s ideas to adjust the local gaming industry, Ms Hsu said “definitely we will work closely with the government and comply with any policies if needed”.

On the other hand, Mocha Clubs yesterday unveiled the Mocha Millions, the first slot machine in Macau especially made to meet the evolving needs and preferences of players.

At the ceremony the company also presented a 100,000 pataca cheque to Caritas Macau to support its community projects and social service development.

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