Anti graft commission to expand with new departments, investigators

Friday, February 6, 2009
Issue 604, Page 3
Word count: 397
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) is going to increase the number of personnel, mainly investigators, by 56 to 165 for the setting up of three new departments and a branch office this month.

The Administrative Regulation to expand the commission’s organisation and operation was announced by the Executive Council yesterday and will be in effect the following day after being published in the Official Gazette.

According to the spokesman of the Executive Council, Tong Chi Kin, the move was promoted by the rapid economic development in Macau over the recent years which gave “great challenges to social values and business ethics”.

The United Nations Convention against Corruption was ratified in the SAR since February 2006.

“Thus the CCAC has the need to reinforce its overall ‘gear’ in order to work on integrity publicity and education, build moral and ethics in society, and at the same time enhance the administrative operation and strengthen prevention work for corruption,” Tong said.

Having established the first CCAC Branch Office in Areia Preta in 2004, Tong said a “success” was seen on the promotion and education of integrity in the community.

Hence the CCAC is going to set up another community office in the island, but Tong could not reveal the exact location yesterday.

Meanwhile, a Community Promotion and Public Relations Department will be formed to coordinate the Branch Offices.

Under the Anti Corruption Bureau, the Finance and Information Investigation Department as well as the Intelligence Service Department will be installed.

In addition, a Technical Evaluation Committee will be formed under the Ombudsman Bureau.

Tong said the committee, “with the nature of operation”, would not require new personnel but was of “great significance to build public confidence” by ensuring technical quality.

In response to the expansion, the CCAC will be having about 56 personnel, who Tong said are mainly investigators and four chiefs for the new departments and Branch Office.

According to chief of the CCAC Office, Ho Kuok Shan, the changes in the organisational structure and man power would be “beneficial to the investigation capabilities”, regardless in “combating possible corruption in elections or the future planning of the commission”, TDM news reported.

Ho said that apart from having a special team which was to focus on election-related bribery, the anti graft commission would introduce campaigns in schools in a bid to “let young people understand the importance of a clean election”.


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