Wynn Macau appoints new CFO

Friday, April 17, 2009
Issue 674, Page 1
Word count: 220
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Wynn Macau director of finance Robert Ganzmo will be promoted and succeed Scott Peterson to become the next chief financial officer (CFO).

According to communications director Katharine Liu, Ganzmo will be inaugurated “shortly”.

Peterson is due to depart Macau to assume the same position of CFO – but in Wynn Las Vegas.

It is not clear about the reason for the relocation and where the current Las Vegas CFO will be going after Peterson takes office.

However, Liu stressed that it is not a “sudden arrangement” but has been planned for “a long time”, adding Peterson has expressed a desire to go back to his home country of the United States.

Before coming to Macau to serve as the CFO in June 2005, Peterson was the vice president of finance of Wynn Las Vegas since September 2002.

Ganzmo, who also worked for the Las Vegas operation prior to joining the Macau team as the director of finance about two years ago, is the “second best” personnel in finance following Peterson in the company, the communications director told the MDTimes.

Hence, she said Ganzmo is appointed to hold the CFO position in Macau after Peterson’s move.

Yesterday was Peterson’s last day at Wynn Macau. The Macau Daily Times understands that a farewell party was held at the hotel resort last night.

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