Chui’s candidacy basically guaranteed

Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Issue 720, Page 3
Word count: 562
Published in: Macau Daily Times

Poyi (Natalie) Leung

It is certain that Fernando Chui Sai On will have his candidacy secured in this year’s Chief Executive Election, as he has already obtained support from at least 50 Election Committee members as required by the law.

The former social affairs and culture secretary will now only need to wait until June 12 the soonest when his supporters cum Election Committee members can officially start signing his nomination form.

Chui’s election agent, Vong Hin Fai, showed to the media Chui’s election office in NAPE yesterday.

Chui did not make appearance during the site visit as the Chief Executive Election Law prohibits him from receiving media interviews before the campaign period starts on July 11.

However, according to Vong, Chui has already met the minimum requirement set out in the law in order to become an official candidate of the July 26 Chief Executive Election.

At least 50 members from the 300-member Election Committee have nodded their heads to nominate the ex-principal government official.

Vong said that his team is busy on contacting the rest of the Election Committee members and is confident to acquire more nominations before the deadline on June 23.

He did not comment on how many nominations Chui aims at getting, but said that “the more the better”.

On the other hand, Vong said Chui’s election office is also working on the political platform to be announced on July 11 when the campaign period begins.

The preliminary draft of the platform is basically completed, but it still needs to be polished, the election agent added.

According to the Chief Executive Election Law, political platforms are not allowed to be disclosed prior to the campaign period.

Despite of the restriction, Vong said that the Election Committee members were aware of “the spirit, objectives and key” of Chui’s platform before deciding whether or not to give their nominations to him.

The Chief Executive Electoral Affairs Commission in last month announced that the limit of each candidate’s electoral campaign is set at 8.94 million patacas.

Vong reiterated that Chui and his team will spend every pataca “cautiously, legitimately, fairly and openly”, adding every expense will need to be declared to the Electoral Affairs Commission.

Yet, he was not able to provide the amount of the election office’s monthly budget yesterday.

Chui’s election office, located on the 8th floor in Plaza Kin Heng Long in Rua de Roma, occupies a gross floor area of around 5,760 square feet shared by 15 staff members.

Vong said the rent of the office is 20 patacas per square foot, but added that the office’s director Leong Sio Pui, his deputy Eva Lou I Wa and himself are helping Chui to run for the election “voluntarily” without being entitled to any salaries.

Meanwhile, the election agent said Chui will not accept election donations and any anonymous donations will be passed on to charity as regulated by the law.

Chui’s election office will go online in the middle of this month.

The Electoral Affairs Commission announced last month that the nomination period will be from June 12 to June 23, and nomination forms have to be collected and submitted between May 25 and June 23.

According to TDM news, one more person went to the Election Coordination Office to pick up a nomination form yesterday, taking the number of people having collected the forms to six.


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