Girl’s murderer killed himself during escape

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Issue 749, Page 2
Word count: 475
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The 41-year-old Hong Kong man who robbed and killed a 16-year-old mainland girl in a local hotel in February chose to end his life by hanging himself rather than going to jail.

His body was found in Futian District in Shenzhen, China, on March 2, two days after the victim died of suffocation in a Macau hospital.

According to the Judiciary Police (PJ) spokesman Chau Wai Kuong yesterday, it was believed that the man committed suicide as a way to avoid prosecution.

The robbery and murder case was reported by Hotel Lisboa at around 8pm on February 27. The girl was found naked in one of the rooms, her face covered by a pillow and her hands were tied up by a bathrobe belt. Bruises were also reportedly seen on her face and neck.

The 16-year-old, surnamed Jin from Jilin Province, was sent to the Intensive Care Unit at Conde de São Januário Hospital immediately, but was certified dead on the next day.

According to the CCTV footage provided by the hotel, the PJ targeted at a “fat and tall” Chinese man who was seen went to the hotel room with the victim together at around 6pm on that day.

About 45 minutes later Chau said the man left the hotel “in panic” and took a taxi to the Border Gate and then fled to mainland China.

It was found that the man was a 41-year-old Hong Kong resident surnamed Yeung. He was sentenced to probation, fined and also jailed for four months in 1992 and 1993 for blackmail and theft.

As the suspect already fled to the mainland, the PJ then requested INTERPOL to contact the Guangdong authorities for assistance to apprehend him.

At the same time, the PJ also requested the Hong Kong counterpart for the suspect’s fingerprint, criminal record and other details.

However, it was until March 15 the Shenzhen police force notified the PJ that a Hong Kong man surnamed Yeung was found dead by hanging himself on March 2 in a room inside a health clubhouse in Futian District.

After the Shenzhen police provided the body’s fingerprint details, the Hong Kong police confirmed that he was the same person as the alleged murderer.

Yet the victim’s mobile phone and a gold necklace which were gone missing in the hotel room could not be retrieved and the PJ believed the man already sold them to a pawnshop.

In mid-May according to the male body’s DNA map, the PJ was further convinced that he was the one who robbed and killed the mainland girl in the hotel room, where a lot of biological traces of evidence were discovered.

The CCTV footage also showed that Yeung was the only person with the victim in the room.

However, Chau said the criminal responsibility already ceased after the criminal died according to the Macau law.


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