Kwan Tsui Hang to lead nine Assembly election candidates

Friday, July 10, 2009
Issue 758, Page 3
Word count: 394
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

União para o Desenvolvimento (Union for Development), the nominating committee represented mainly by the workers sector, handed in its candidates list and platform to the Public Administration and Civil Service (SAFP) yesterday.

This year the Macao Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM) designated altogether 10 candidates to run for the directly elected seats in the Legislative Assembly.

Current lawmaker and FAOM vice chairwoman Kwan Tsui Hang will take the lead as the first candidate on the list, while Lee Chong Cheng, also current lawmaker and FAOM vice chairman, and Un Iok Sio, deputy director of the FAOM grassroots development division, will take respectively the second and third places.

The fourth to the tenth candidates are Lau Gar Bo, Lam Lon Wai, Kong Hio U, Un Oi Mou, Leong Pou U, Tam Pou Iong and Cheong Man Fun.

According to Ms Kwan, the Union for Development’s platform this year is not only a “continuation” of the ones in the past, but also contains some new ideas adapted to the current condition of society.

“In the past 10 years since the handover, Macau saw development but also mistakes and insufficiency,” she said.

“This time we’re facing the impact of the global financial crisis. The SAR government has to facilitate diversified development of the economy, which will eventually solve the employment problems in the trade and industry sector and also give local people a stable life,” she added.

In the platform, the Union for Development advocates the notion of “people-oriented” to transform the public administrative system and in the decision making process, and pushes forward the government to focus on economic development as the first priority at this time of the year.

Ms Kwan also said that her team believes in the importance of democracy in a regime and a comprehensive legal system.

“We want to have more channels for local people to express their opinions and to see more public participation in politics,” she said.

“In a long term we believe that every resident should have the right to vote [in Chief Executive Elections],” she added.

As a group mostly represented by the workers sector, it at the same time urges the government to further enhance the labour law and establish a fair resources allocation system, in order to protect people’s employment rights and make sure that residents can share the fruit of economic and social growth.


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