Chief Executive-Elect’s responses to reporters’ questions in the press conference

Monday, July 27, 2009
Issue 775, Page 5
Word count: 800
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Q: How did you see the 14 blank votes that made you receive less support than in the nomination period?

A: First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the press for your concern and report during my election campaign…Now I’m with a delighted heart because I obtained a high number of votes and am elected to be the Chief Executive-designate. And for the blank votes, I respect entirely the decisions of those members of the Election Committee. The votes encourage and motivate me. In the days to come, I will stay close to the heart of the people and to listen to opinions of the people…I fully understand the constructive comments from the public for me to take my work to the next stage. Today is my new starting point, I will work whole-heartedly for the country, for Macau and for the people.

Q: Who would be the key officials in your government?

A: I will not talk about the key officials because I need to first make preparations [before making the appointments].

Q: What will be your first project to implement after taking office?

A: Recently we had conducted a massive consultation in which we paid attention to the global financial crisis and its impact on Macau. We also consulted scholars and experts who said that the crisis wasn’t yet over. We still have to a lot of work to do in order to safeguard the livelihood of underprivileged groups and keep a close eye on Macau’s social and economic situations. We hope that we’ll be able to reduce the impact on the market by coming up with effective measures to cope with the challenges so as to maintain overall stability in Macau.

We will also be focusing on transportation and [the building of] a clean and honest government.

Q: Do you think today’s election result was due to the fact that some Election Committee members were not satisfied with your political platform?

A: I’m very happy to be elected with such a high number of votes. I totally respect the decisions of the committee members. When I start my office, I will pay attention to the question you mentioned. When the new principal officials are in place, we will consider the needs of society such as a clean and honest government, and the accountability of officials which should be a fair system.

As for land resources, a lot of opinions were given to protect and strike a balance between cultural heritage and social development. We also need more community facilities to cope with the development…We care about the livelihood of the people, this is my responsibility as the third Chief Executive of Macau.

Q: How are you going to deal with the relations with Taiwan? Will you set up a special department to work on it?

A: I believe that on this issue we have to follow the One-China policy. In terms of economic and cultural exchange, we will accelerate the pace but we will also cooperate in the area of tourism particularly so that mainlanders can to Taiwan via Macau…With the direct air link between China and Taiwan, we hope to build up Macau as a tourism destination in order to attract more mainlanders to go to Taiwan via Macau and vice versa. Taiwan has been one of our major tourist sources which I believe is full of potential.

Q: What’s your policy vision for the gaming sector in Macau?

A: We will mainly follow the policies already announced in order to allow the gaming industry to develop healthily. We hope it can have an advantage in the Asia Region. We understand that the competition is more intense, that’s why we need to put in more efforts so that the gaming industry can maintain its performance in the future…In the coming days, apart from the connection of gaming and entertainment, we have to have an appropriate diversity in the business environment and enhance the tourism cooperation mechanism between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

Q: When are you going to meet with Edmund Ho Hau Wah to discuss your policies?

A: After the Court of Final Appeal announces the confirmed election result, I will pay visit to Mr Ho.

Q: How are you going to deal with the deep social issues such as the gap between rich and poor and housing?

A: As I’ve mentioned I accept all constructive comments but they must be substantial. We will improve according to the opinions if we do not perform as good as the people’s expectation…We need to look into the poverty problem and help those really in need. We’ve absolute responsibility to take care of low income families. Education reform is also very important as it gives people a chance to improve their lives.


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