Sending virus emails to Agnes Lam?

Thursday, September 10, 2009
Issue 815, Page 2
Word count: 335
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Emails that were sent along with attachments to legislative election candidate Agnes Lam Iok Fong have now been put aside, after her computer was infected with viruses and broke down for several times.

Ms Lam, candidate No. 1, Wai Tong Kuan, candidate No. 2 of Civil Watch and also the secretary at their campaign office have been receiving virus emails from different accounts in the past couple of months.

The most recent one was received about three days ago.

“Since we [Civil Watch] signed up to run for the direct legislative election in June, we have been getting many emails which appeared to be sent from the Legislative Electoral Affairs Commission, Au Kam San [the lawmaker], my students [from the University of Macau] and local reporters,” Ms Lam told the Macau Daily Times.

She said that she could not recognise any of the senders’ email accounts, and the senders usually wrote in the emails that they were someone who she knows and told her to open the attachments, which contained viruses.

“The purportedly emails from the Electoral Affairs Commission would say ‘important notices of today’. And also in some emails the senders pretended to be my students and gave me a false name, but I know I don’t have any student with that name,” Ms Lam added.

The candidate also told the MDTimes she had fallen into the trap for several times, causing her computer not able to function for days.

“We no longer open emails with attachments and will forward all of them to my other colleague to scan for virus,” Ms Lam said.

She said she had already reported to the Electoral Affairs Commission at once and was told they would handle the matter.

Yet, the problem seems not yet to be solved until now.

“We don’t have time and manpower to deal with the matter right now [because of the election campaign]. But we have been keeping all those emails and will report to police after the election is over,” she said.


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