Angela Leong speaks for ‘not only gaming sector’

Friday, September 18, 2009
Issue 822, Page 2
Word count: 579
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Angela Leong On Kei, the first candidate of List 10 New Alliance for the Development of Macao, said their platform does not only represent the gaming industry, but also covers a wide scope of topics such as administration reforms, livelihood and environmental conservation.

In an email response given to the Macau Daily Times, Ms Leong said she felt the urge to contribute to society and use her power to help disadvantaged groups when “the foundation of her career has been stabilised”.

She first entered the Legislative Assembly in the last election in 2005, “being a lawmaker can serve Macau and the general public, and also monitor the government so as to effectively facilitate social development and upgrade people’s living standard”.

During the past four years, Ms Leong told the MDTimes she understood the changes and demands in different levels of society.

“However, in terms of participating in the legislative work, I’m still in a primary stage. I still have a lot of unfulfilled desires to serve the people and many ideas to promote Macau’s development,” she said.

When asked how their platform is different from the one in 2005, the 48-year-old director of STDM and SJM said this year the content is “more comprehensive, objective and scientific”.

The list focuses on five main aspects – the gaming industry and economy, administration reforms, livelihood and quality of life, healthcare and education, and also cultural and environmental protection.

“We don’t only represent the gaming sector, our platform is all-round,” Ms Leong said.

In terms of the economic growth, the New Alliance for the Development of Macao proposes to the government to pay attention to the gaming industry’s healthy development and the welfare of gaming workers.

In order to reinforce the governance level, the list urges to establish a financial reserve system, and increase transparency in approving major public projects and operation public utilities.

The six candidates on the list also calls for the setting up of social enterprises, advanced anti-drug trafficking work, improved education system, urban planning and various environmental policies.

“Each of the 16 lists has its own characteristics and strengths, and has different focuses in their platforms. It’s the voters who can determine whether they are good or no good. Only when the voters think you’re good, then you’re really good,” Ms Leong said.

Since this year Macau will see changes both in the government and the legislature, Ms Leong told the MDTimes the two bodies should make good use of the opportunity to enhance mutual communications and co-ordination, so as to create a “positive interaction”.

“The government should consult the Assembly and lawmakers before launching new bills. It will also need to introduce more effective measures in the areas of industry development, administration and people’s livelihood,” she said.

Since the election campaign was kicked off on September 5, Ms Leong said her team had been receiving “positive feedback”.

“For example, gaming workers hope that we can fight for their rights and interests and push forward sustainable development of the industry, and disabled people want to have elderly homes for them and the government to distribute subsidies to them as soon as possible,” she said.

The campaign period will officially end at midnight tonight. Ms Leong said her team will review its performance during the past two weeks tomorrow, and on the big day Sunday, they will go to vote and at the same time keep a close eye on the election.

“We’re nervous and also excited,” she added.


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