IACM values ‘people orientation’

Thursday, March 4, 2010
Issue 954, Page 3
Word count: 409
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The newly appointed vice president of the Administration Committee of the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) Lo Veng Tak vowed that he will contribute to Macau by working towards a “people-oriented principle”.

Lo told reporters after the inauguration yesterday that since IACM’s work is closely related to people’s lives, he will try to open more channels to listen to their opinions so that the bureau can “better meet their needs”.

He reiterated that he will reinforce communication and “actively respond to public demands”.

In addition, Lo said IACM will strives to think from “residents’ and scientific perspectives” to design engineering and community building projects, as well as create more community facilities under limited resources.

IACM has been dedicating to increasing service quality as a response to people’s demand and also enhancing the living environment to raise people’s quality of life, Lo said in his speech at the ceremony.

Being a member of the team, the vice president said he will strictly follow the SAR government’s people-oriented principle and try his very best at work in a bid to continue to “optimise and improve various kinds of work directly linked to locals’ livelihood”.

“I will uphold the four beliefs of IACM – sincerity and justice, convenience to people, communication and listening, and continuous improvement – and will build a harmonious and healthy community together with the civilians,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mak Kim Meng also swore in as member of the IACM Administration Committee.

Secretary for Administration and Justice, Florinda Chan, said in her speech at the inauguration that in order to increase the flexibility of appointing officials and diversify key officials’ management experience, the administration of Macau specially promoted “outstanding and qualified personnel within the civil service to take up the positions as leaders and persons-in-charge”.

In regard to staff management, she said the government will organise the human resources database, training management system and personnel management system this year in order to create an “integrated human resources management and decision-making mechanism” for the optimisation of manpower planning in public administration.

“Leadership-level officials in the management of the government have to shoulder more responsibilities than other civil servants in general,” the Secretary said.

“They do not only need to lead their people, manage and coordinate work, but also have to group together the strength of the team and closely implement the policies of the SAR government so as to maximize the effectiveness of overall cooperation and measures,” she added.


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