Transmac, Reolian get new bus service contracts

Friday, March 19, 2010
Issue 967, Page 2
Word count: 483
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Transmac and Reolian, the only two bidders who got accepted by the Transport Bureau (DSAT) in late last year’s open auction, have been granted respectively two and three groups of bus routes to operate starting October 15 this year, according to Radio Macau yesterday.

Reolian is a new joint venture of French-based Veolia Transportation and Macau’s H. Nolasco & Cia., Lda.

It was also reported that the DSAT has already sent the notifications to the two companies and if they accepted the drafted contracts, the signing of the formal concession contracts will be followed.

The DSAT confirmed to the Macau Daily Times yesterday it had mailed the drafted contracts to Transmac and Reolian on March 10 asking for opinion.

However, the media coordinator reiterated that it was a “normal procedure” based on Article 39 of the 63/85/M law decree, which states that a draft contract must have to be delivered to the bidders before the auction result is decided, so that the bidders can express their opinion within five days after receiving the drafts.

The media coordinator also told the MDTimes the bureau has already received the feedback from the two companies, but stressed that to date no decision concerning who will win the bids has yet been made.

Yet she added that the DSAT will announce the formal result shortly.

Another existing bus operator, TCM, may be out of the market starting October 15 because it was disqualified from the auction after the bid opening committee said TCM was four minutes late to submit its tender proposal on November 24, 2009.

At that time, TCM raised a statement of objection immediately, arguing that all of its tender documents were transported to the DSAT on time, but its bid was not accepted.

The company filed an appeal to former Chief Executive Edmund Ho Hau Wah, who issued a dispatch on the Official Gazette denying the company’s right to bid.

TCM then appealed to the Administrative Court and then again the Court of Second Instance, but both of which handed down a verdict unfavourable for the company.

At present, TCM’s last hope is on the Court of Final Appeal. The bus operator has filed a new appeal to the court and is still waiting for the judgement.

TCM was founded in 1974. It owns 177 buses and has 255 drivers in Macau.

The DSAT plans to restructure the current bus service model, enhance the service quality and also encourage the use of public transportation in order to solve the traffic problems in Macau.

The existing public bus service concession contracts signed with Transmac and TCM will expire on October 14, 2010.

The new bus service contracts will be valid for seven years.

According to the tender rules, the DSAT has divided all of Macau’s bus routes into five groups, and each winning bidder is expected to be granted two or three of the groups.


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