Legislature’s reserve grows MOP3.2 million

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Issue 987, Page 4
Word count: 269
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The Legislative Assembly yesterday approved its first supplementary budget for fiscal year 2010 amounting to over MOP3.22 million.

Lawmaker Tsui Wai Kwan of the Administrative Committee of the legislature presented the plan for voting at the plenary meeting.

He said that the supplementary budget was proposed because of the discrepancy between the actual remaining balance (MOP6,226,372.24) in the 2009 financial accounts and the corresponding amount (MOP3 million) estimated in the Fiscal Year 2010 Budget of the Legislative Assembly.

The MOP82 million initial budget for the Assembly in fiscal year 2010 thus increased by MOP6,226,372.24 after being added the 2009 surplus.

The amount will be credited to capital income and fully included in the imprest fund of the accounts based on 6/2006 Administrative Regulation.

On the other hand, lawmakers also passed the 2009 Legislative Assembly Financial Accounts and Report.

Tsui Wai Kwan said the original budget in fiscal year 2009 was MOP78 million according to the Legislative Assembly Organic Law and Budget Law.

During that year the plenary passed the first supplementary budget amounting to MOP2,421,009.74, so that the legislature’s budget soared to MOP80,421,009.74 after the adjustment.

At the end of 2009 Tsui Wai Kwan said the Assembly reported a total income of MOP80,410,177.74 (up by MOP2,410,177.74 comparing to the initial budget), whilst total expenditure reached MOP74,183,805.50 (down by MOP3,816,194.50 over the initial budget).

Hence, the Assembly eventually logged a surplus of MOP6,226,372.24 in the last fiscal year.

The execution rate of the initial 2009 expenditure budget was 95.1 percent, which then changed to 92.2 percent after taking into account the supplementary budget amount, Tsui Wai Kwan told the plenary.


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