Major sewer project in Kou Si Tak in 4th quarter

Thursday, April 29, 2010
Issue 999, Page 3
Word count: 549
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The Transport Bureau’s (DSAT) preliminary plan is to relocate the bus stops in Avenida de Horta e Costa to other nearby streets during the 450-day sewer upgrade project, but the final decision will be determined by the opinion of residents.

The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) and the DSAT held a press conference yesterday to announce details of the Avenida de Horta e Costa (commonly known as “Kou Si Tak” sewer project that will be implemented in 10 different stages beginning the fourth quarter of this year.

According to chief of the Coordination Department of DSAT, Mok Soi Tou, the preliminary plan is to move the six bus stops on the two sides of Kou Si Tak to Avenida Ouvidor Arriaga and Avenida do Coronel Mesquita, when the project is being carried out.

Since Avenida Ouvidor Arriaga and Avenida do Coronel Mesquita are already one of the busy roads in Macau, Mok Soi Tou said vehicles will no longer be allowed to park in Avenida Ouvidor Arriaga if the bus stops are to be relocated there.

The bureau may afterwards impose the same parking ban in Avenida do Coronel Mesquita and also Rua do Almirante Costa Cabral based on the actual traffic volume, he said.

However, Mok Soi Tou added that the plan will be adjusted after residents’ opinion is collected.

The Institute for Sustainable Development of the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST), commissioned by the SAR government, is going to conduct a street survey in Kou Si Tak between May 4 and May 9, from 10am to 8pm, in which pedestrians, shops, professional drivers and drivers will be interviewed.

The survey is to understand residents and professional drivers’ commuting habits, their expectations for the sewer work arrangements and their concerns about the project, in a bid to minimise the impact on the neighbourhood and formulate measures to divert traffic flow during the implementation of the project.

The survey report is expected to be announced in mid-June.

The Kou Si Tak sewer upgrade project, DSSOPT deputy director Shin Chung Low Kam Hong said, is necessary as the sewer system hadn’t been renewed or repaired for nearly two decades and the growing population in the area has created tremendous pressure to the pipes.

To date there are about 400 buildings around the Kou Si Tak area and the number of people living there has exceeded 23,000.

The DSSOPT plans to renew all the existing pipes and divide them into two separate systems to respectively handle rain water and sewage, with an aim to increase the drainage capacity.

Although the DSSOPT deputy director said the bureau can’t fully guarantee that flooding will no longer occur in the area after the sewer system is upgraded, he believed the work will “greatly alleviate the problem”.

The Kou Si Tak area is one of the flooding blackspots in Macau during typhoon seasons.

The project is to be implemented in the last quarter of this year with an estimated duration of 450 days.

The first phase of the project will be from Avenida do Almirante Lacerda to Estrada de Coelho do Amaral, and then from there extend to Rua de Franciso Xavier Pereira. The project will be finished off between Avenida de Sidónio Pais and Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida.

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