If we were a pet…

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Issue 1009, Page 2
Word count: 648
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

This time I have decided to dedicate my piece of Our Desk to the pets in the world, especially to all those poor animals that got abandoned and even tortured by humans for pure amusement.

I have to say that my feeling for animals grew strong after I become a pet owner in October last year. Although it is just seven months since I adopted my cat in a local animal shelter, she has become my “baby” and my parents also talk about her as if she was really their granddaughter! Gypse is a three-year-old brown feline with whit paws, chest and belly. It may sound so common but she is really very special for me.

It may sound silly and indeed I also never thought before that I could love Gypse so much that whenever I read or watch something about a dying pet or what an owner can do to cope with the fact that his pet has passed away, my eyes will be full of tears and I can hardly afford to imagine what I will be like when Gypse leaves me.

People who never have a pet may not understand what I feel, and I don’t expect all the people in the world will love animals, but they have to know that it doesn’t mean the street dogs and cats have no value and are free for torture by our “civilised” human beings.

I always believe that people don’t need to like animals, but they have to bear in mind that they also don’t have the right to take their lives or torture them. If you are not an animal lover, so just leave them alone, as simple as that.

From time to time we read news about animal cruelty in Macau, Hong Kong, mainland China and other places around the world. It really broke my heart not only because of the fact that an innocent animal has got its eyeball scooped out, limbs chopped off or body parts burnt maliciously, but also the evil side of human nature. One may argue that those kids are just ignorant and they didn’t mean what they had done, but if we’re talking about lives here, regardless they are of humans or animals, I will insist ignorance is a sin, or to be more precise, being disrespectful for life is pathetic.

I’m sure no one wants to be treated badly, and so do the animals. I hate to see people abandon their pets because of some stupid reasons. Once I read an article on the Internet, which moved me a lot and I can still remember how it says we always have friends, families, boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives around us, there are full of new things waiting for us to explore in the world and we’ll never feel lonely, but please bear in mind that our pets only have us, and they’re always there waiting for us patiently to give them a pat or a hug when we get home after work, or listening to our moaning quietly.

Indeed, I also dislike seeing dogs and cats be sold at pet shops, and to make it worse some people will just sell puppies and kittens on streets, for example in mainland China, as if they were just toys that you could buy whenever you wanted to or in the middle of a shopping spree that you bumped into a cute little puppy and then bought it without giving it a second thought.

I wonder why our world calls the act of selling children or women a crime, but let go of the sales of pets. Is it really because humans are far more superior and are the ones who dominate the world, and so all other lives become valueless and don’t deserve to be treated fairly?

Only if humans and animals could have their roles swapped for just one day…


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