Trained workers still waiting for jobs

Thursday, July 8, 2010
Issue 1057, Page 4
Word count: 329
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The Labour Affairs Bureau’s short-term assistance program for underemployed construction workers will be ending soon. But the Macau Association of Workers and the Power of People’s Livelihood hopes that the bureau can continue the training course and also help the workers get a job after completing the classes.

Lee Sio Kuan, chairman of the association, said 816 construction workers who have participated in the training did not yet find a job.

The short-term assistance program is divided into two months and workers were required to attend 12 days of classes each month. The bureau provided an allowance of MOP270 per day, meaning MOP3,240 for a month.

Yet, the association admitted that most of the workers only went to the classes for the allowances, blaming the Government for not using the resources properly and encouraging the people to truly upgrade themselves.

In addition, the association said Galaxy Entertainment Group has already signed contracts with a few hundreds of local construction workers in April but to date none of them was called to work.

It accused Galaxy of having staged a “fake recruitment fair” and urged the Government to investigate into the case and seek accountability through legal procedures.

Meanwhile, the workers’ association is going to give away 1,000 rice redemption coupons to elderly and unemployed residents today so that they can go to collect a 5kg rice bag this Sunday in Toi San.

Lee Sio Kuan said that they have raised MOP21,600 mainly in the northern district, the Red Market and the central area of Macau earlier.

He also said that all the money has been used to purchase rice and 1,000 redemption coupons will be distributed to the elderly over 65 years old and also the unemployed, starting 10.30am at the Chinese restaurant in the New City Commercial Plaza in Avenida Artur Tamagnini Barbosa, Toi San today.

Each coupon holder will then be able to redeem a 5kg rice pack at the same venue this Sunday, also starting 10.30am.


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