Medical personnel bills drawing to a close

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Issue 1067, Page 3
Word count: 338
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The six draft laws concerning the career regimes for six types of public health professionals and technicians are likely to pass through the final reading before the Legislative Assembly begins its summer break on August 16.

The personnel involved are doctors, medical administrative personnel, clinic technicians, senior health technicians, health inspectors and healthcare assistants.

The Third Standing Committee yesterday listened to the legislature’s legal advisors’ report about technical amendments on the bills.

After carrying out negotiations with the Government, committee president Cheang Chi Keong told reporters that basically all changes needed were already made.

There is still some parts requiring further discussions and clarifications from the Government, Cheang said, but if the meeting tomorrow with the Government representatives goes well, it is “very likely” that all the deliberation work can be completed and the draft bills can be passed to the plenary meeting for the final reading before August 15.

Hence, the standing committee is “very much looking forward” to tomorrow’s meeting where Government representatives will present revised proposals for the draft laws after gathering opinions and suggestions from the lawmakers.

Of which, Cheang said the Government needs to give a clear idea about how often internal promotion exams will be held – whether there should be a standard time interval or vary between the six career regimes.

“The Government has reiterated that revising the career regimes is a response to the need of professional development in order to increase the quality of Macau’s healthcare system, and is not a pay rise proposal,” he added.

It is also expected that the Government will adjust the salary levels originally proposed in the bills, as well as clarify on whether the 24-hour standby system among doctors is a kind of the rotating shift system.

In addition, Cheang said the Government’s stance has always been excluding health professionals and technicians employed on individual labour contracts from having their salaries backdated and years of service counted. Yet, the standing committee is still going to hear the final decision of the Government tomorrow.


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