Leong Heng Teng: Government must be ‘humble’

Thursday, August 26, 2010
Issue 1099, Page 3
Word count: 238
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Former Legislative Assembly president Susana Chou wrote recently on her blog that some Government officials lack capabilities and experiences, ignore public opinions and also never admit their mistakes, which she believes are the underlying causes of some of the social problems in Macau. 

Executive councillor and ex-lawmaker Leong Heng Teng was reluctant to comment on it initially because “it’s a personal point of view”, but eventually he told the Macau Daily Times that “if this situation really exists, the Government must have to improve it, and in contrast if it’s not true, then the Government should learn from the lesson and avoid the problem from becoming real”.

Leong said that as a Government, it has to be “humble and open” in listening to different opinions in society as well as to improve its performance and work continuously. 

“It’s the Government’s responsibility and a position that they should insist on,” he added.

In addition, Leong, who is also the spokesperson of the Executive Council, said that it is not appropriate for Macau to copy the accountability system from Hong Kong, “instead we should summarise our experiences and based on that further optimise the public administration”.

He pointed out the Government has been taking steps to enhance the accountability of officials, referring to the legislation that prohibits principal officials from working in the private sector for a certain period after leaving the Government, amongst other restrictions and conditions.


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