Nam Van development projects may be subject to change

Monday, September 13, 2010
Issue 1114, Page 3
Word count: 573
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Building development projects in Nam Van Lake’s Zones C and D may have to be adjusted based on a brand new construction plan expected to be rolled out by the end of this year.

Facing Nam Van Lake to the east, the sea to the south, Sai Van Lake to the west and neighbouring the Macau Historic Centre to the north, Zones C and D occupy a total land area of 34.6 hectares and mainly include the not yet developed land parcels nearby the Legislative Assembly and the Macau Tower.

A nine-member judging panel yesterday selected 10 conceptual planning proposals from the 19 entries submitted by local residents from August 11 to 18.

The results were announced in a press conference at the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT).

The 10 proposals will be used as a reference when the Government is formulating the new construction plan specially for that area.

According to Lao Iong, chief of the DSSOPT city planning department, the construction plan for Nam Van Lake’s Zones C and D includes part of the New City Reclaimed Project’s Zone B in Nape, as the two land parcels are “joined together” and “from the city planning perspective they cannot be separated”.

Lao said the city planning legislation is expected to be drafted in 2011 and it is hoped that it can become effective in three years’ time.

The second and third phases of the public consultation for the New City Reclaimed Project will be staged simultaneously during 2011, he added.

Although some of the land in Zones C and D has already been granted to developers, Lao told reporters the Government plans to introduce a brand new construction plan for the area with “priority given to preserving the public interest”.

In other words, the existing building development proposals in the two zones may be subject to change in the future after the new construction planning is implemented, Lao said.

However, he added that at present he is unable to confirm how many of the land parcels would be affected.

Meanwhile, chairman of the judging panel, Jose Chui Sai Peng, said all the 19 submissions have shown “respect to Macau’s world heritage”.

While some of the conceptual designs emphasised tourism, Chui disclosed that there were also some that focused on culture and arts, green areas, the use of underground space or real estate.

Environmental conservation elements were also found in the entries. The maximum building height proposed among the 10 selected submissions is about 100 metres.

Chui said the activity has “successfully attracted different professionals and people with different values to express opinions”, and also helped obtain a “consensus” in society regarding how the land in the two Nam Van zones should be used.

Organised by the DSSOPT and the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the activity aimed to “encourage the public to participate in the city development of Macau”, Lao said.

The design proposals were required to protect the historical landscape, fulfill urban development demand, highlight Macau’s image as an island city, enhance the convenience for the public to get to the seaside, be able to bring in a highly efficient and safe transportation network as well as to coordinate well with the surrounding environment including the building height, volume, density and the outlook design.

The 10 designers will be awarded MOP 20,000 each and their proposals will be displayed at the Tap Seac glass house from the end of this month.

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