Gov’t to keep an eye on Galaxy’s recruitment fair

Thursday, September 30, 2010
Issue 1128, Page 3
Word count: 580
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) will coordinate with Galaxy Entertainment regarding the job interview arrangements for its Cotai flagship property, in order to avoid the same chaos that occurred in the gaming operator’s previous recruitment fair back in March.

Galaxy has this week started to advertise in local newspapers and also launched a career website, showing a list of positions available for the Galaxy Macau resort that is slated to open early 2011 on the Cotai Strip.

Yet, director of the DSAL Shuen Ka Hung told reporters on the sidelines of an award ceremony yesterday that the bureau had not yet received a notification from Galaxy about staging a mass recruitment drive or the date of the event.

Galaxy was not able to provide a reply to the Macau Daily Times’ inquiry before the newspaper went to press yesterday.

Shuen said the bureau will contact Galaxy to discuss the arrangements for the day, even though the fair has not yet been confirmed, mainly regarding dividing the recruitment process into different phases.

He said the same measure was adopted when the DSAL recommended more than 1,000 workers to The Venetian for job interviews, since the construction in Parcels 5 and 6 resumed.

According to Shuen, the bureau has recently transferred more than 6,000 local construction workers to The Venetian. Around 1,800 went to attend the interviews and over 40 percent of them were hired. “It was quite a good success rate”, he added.

The DSAL director said the workers were divided into different batches to go to the interviews, which were carried out “smoothly”.

In addition, he said the bureau will meet with The Venetian, representatives of the related workers’ associations and social enterprises regularly each month to exchange information.

“This is a very good experience for us and therefore in the future when Galaxy starts to interview candidates, we will adopt the same measure so that workers do not need to queue up for a long time and chaos can be prevented,” Shuen told reporters.

Galaxy’s mass recruitment drive held at its Cotai construction site in March was once in serious chaos and saw some applicants get injured, as the company received an unexpectedly strong response to the around 1,000 construction jobs.

Days off on statutory holidays

Amid complaints from some casino workers that their weekly days off were scheduled on statutory holidays, Shuen Ka Hung said if an enterprise “intentionally and repeatedly” does so, the bureau may have reason to believe that irregular behaviour has occurred in the company.

“It depends on the regular pattern of which days during the week that the employee usually has days off. So if the employer doesn’t follow the pattern and changes the employee’s days off to the statutory holiday every time, then there is a problem. It’s very easy to discover and identify,” Shuen said.

However, despite receiving a few complaints and carrying out investigations, Shuen said no such irregular behaviour has been found in the related company.

“It’s absolutely normal that some employees’ days off fall on a statutory holiday coincidentally, especially if the enterprise has a large number of staff.

Shuen also stressed that a company must be punished if it is proved that the behaviour is intentional, or otherwise the employees are just “unlucky and can only accept the arrangement”.

The DSAL and the Social Welfare Bureau yesterday also presented the outstanding performance awards to 10 disabled employees, who were selected from 60 candidates nominated by 33 local companies.

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