Democrats condemn police surveillance

Friday, November 19, 2010
Issue 1169, Page 2
Word count: 445
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The New Macau Association accused the Public Security Police (PSP) and the Judiciary Police (PJ) of having “stalked” its members, unreasonably detained protestors and having banned entry of some Hong Kong people during Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit in Macau last weekend.

President of the association Jason Chao Teng Hei claimed yesterday in a press conference that he was stalked and followed by a maximum of four plainclothes PSP officers for a total of “four and a half days” – two days during the week before Premier Wen arrived in Macau, the night before he arrived as well as the two days he stayed in Macau.

Chao said the “police surveillance” ended once the premier left the territory at around 6 pm last Sunday.

Another three to four members of his association were also “harassed” by the same means, according to Chao, adding that one of them was even stopped by the PJ when he was driving and was told “not to go to certain events”. He refused to disclose more details and the identities of the other members involved.

In response to the Macau Daily Times’ inquiry, the PSP spokesman denied that the police had made the arrangement as claimed by Chao, but added that police patrols are carried out in an extensive area throughout Macau.

The association’s vice-president Scott Chiang Meng Hin pointed out that not only did the police invade the individual privacy, their “surveillance” has also caused “tremendous psychological pressure” on Chao and other members involved.

“The association was founded nearly two decades and we never have the intention to disturb the public order […] Chao Teng Hei is just a student and what reasons the administration has that need it to threaten a civilian like that? Is it another lie [of the Government] to encourage young people to participate in politics and society?” Chiang questioned.

Chao said he did not mind his privacy was being invaded, but stressed that the New Macau Association “has always advocated peace”, and criticised the police force for having wasted Government resources.

On the other hand, the New Macau Association condemned the PJ for having deprived residents of the right to protest and having detained two protestors “without justification”, and also the PSP for power abuse in exercising the internal security laws and denying entry to Macau of several Hong Kong people last Saturday.

The PJ spokeswoman insisted to the MDT yesterday that the two residents were taken in for interrogation “in line with laws”.

The PSP spokesman also said they have the responsibility to bar individuals who do not meet the entry requirements according to the laws, in order to safeguard Macau’s public safety and order.


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