Mitsubishi secures LRT contract

Saturday, January 8, 2011
Issue 1206, Page 2
Word count: 387
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi  (Natalie) Leung

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd has secured the MOP 4.688 billion light rail transit (LRT) rolling stock contract by paying the bank guarantee to the Macau Government before the deadline yesterday, the Transport Infrastructure Office (GIT) confirmed.

According to the office’s assistant coordinator, Ho Cheong Kei, the payment signified that the Japanese giant has officially accepted the contract to supply the rolling stock and the system for the first phase of the LRT.

GIT sent out notifications about the tender results yesterday to the two losing bidders, Siemens – CCECC Consortium and BT CRBC LRT Consortium.

The two consortiums will by law be given 60 days to file a judicial appeal upon receiving the notifications.

Ho refused to speculate when asked whether the construction progress will be affected if an appeal is lodged.

The contract will need to be signed within 30 days, which means that from early February Mitsubishi will be given 47 months to complete all the construction works and then two more months until the mass transit should become operational, which is set to be in early 2015.

GIT representatives have also visited the Macau Institution of Engineers to update its members about the LRT project.

President of the institution, Leong Man Io, told reporters he hoped that training could be introduced as soon as possible for local engineers so that they can be well prepared to take part in the LRT project.

Leong said the LRT is a new transport system in Macau and thus a lot of professionals will be required. Since the type of trains has been confirmed, he said the institution will consider cooperating with local universities to implement related training courses.

In addition, Leong suggested the GIT build a mock-up of the train in Cotai so that local people can have an idea of what the LRT will be like.

He said the institution also urged the office to carry out preliminary analysis on the impact the construction will bring to the local environment and traffic.

In response to doubts that Mitsubishi is from Japan and may not be familiar enough with the conditions of Macau, Leong said he is confident in the enterprise, adding that he believed it won the tender mainly because its trains will require fewer changes to the Sai Van Bridge and have energy saving capabilities.


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