Civil servants pay rise to cost MOP 539 million

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Issue 1248, Page 4
Word count: 484
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On will pocket some MOP 160,000 in salary plus another MOP 56,000 in official representation expenses per month if the 5.08 percent pay rise for civil servants is approved.

President of the Third Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly, Cheang Chi Keong, disclosed the figures to reporters after a closed-door meeting yesterday to deliberate the draft law that proposes a 5.08 percent hike in all public workers’ salaries and retirement allowances.

Cheang said the committee strives to have the work report of the bill completed this Thursday or “next Monday at the latest”, indicating that the deliberation will be drawing to a close and the bill can then be voted in the final reading.

The Government has estimated that the pay rise will increase its 2011 expenditure by MOP 539 million.

Of which, a majority of MOP 412 million will be allocated to civil servants, MOP 20 million to retired civil servants, MOP 43 million to overtime allowances, and also MOP 63 million to provident fund contributions and the retirement pension.

The draft law has proposed a retrospective payment effective from January 1 this year.

“The Government explained that the 5.08 percent pay hike is proposed after taking into consideration that inflation has remained above 3 percent in recent years, the current salary trend and that no pay raise was given between 2009 and 2010,” Cheang told reporters.

Since the handover in late 1999, Macau’s civil servants were given a pay rise on three occasions – 5 percent in 2005, 4.76 percent in 2007 and 7.2 percent in 2008.

When the Macau SAR was founded, the basic salary of the Chief Executive was MOP 129,740. He was also entitled to official representation expenses equivalent to 35 percent of his salary, meaning that he received a total of MOP 175,148 in monthly remuneration.

After the most recent 7.2 percent increase in public workers’ wages in 2008, the Chief Executive’s basic salary and total remuneration rose to respectively MOP 152,987 and MOP 206,532.

If this 5.08 percent pay hike proposal is approved, Fernando Chui Sai On will see his monthly remuneration grow by nearly MOP 10,500 to MOP 217,024.

With regard to other principal officials and lawmakers, their salaries are directly pegged to that of the Chief Executive.

The five policy secretaries earn a wage equal to 75 percent of the basic salary of the Chief Executive, in addition to representation expenses accounting for 25 percent of their wage.

In addition, the salary proportions for the president of the Legislative Assembly, lawmakers and Executive Council members are respectively 80 percent, 25 percent and 30 percent.

Cheang also said that the Government will need to increase the amount of basic reserve in the 2011 Budget Plan by MOP 750 million in order to reflect the additional MOP 539 million expenditure on civil servants.

The basic reserve is 1.5 times the total expenditure estimates.


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