Dealers’ low satisfaction on work environment worsens

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Issue 1272, Page 4
Word count: 442
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

The satisfactory level of Macau’s casino dealers on their work environment dropped to a record low in 2010, an employee survey has found.

The findings released by the Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) of the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) at its campus yesterday showed that the sub-satisfaction index regarding work environment rated by the 83 croupiers interviewed was 2.76 (on a 0-5 scale, the higher the better), a decrease of 4.2 percent when compared with 2009.

The index has continued to drop since the Employee Confidence and Satisfaction Index was launched in 2007.

The survey successfully interviewed 1,008 full-time local workers aged 16 or above between February 16 and 28 this year.

According to ISD director Chan Lai Kow at a press conference, the result has suggested that dealers’ working conditions and job stability has felt the negative impact when the local gaming industry’s development was in a downturn, while their working hours and workloads might have increased when the industry started to pick up and thus affected their social and family lives, creating “pressure on their physical and psychological states”.

In addition, it has been indicated that the overall confidence and satisfaction indices of the dealers, respectively at 2.90 (up 4.7 percent) and 3.01 (up 3.1 percent), were the lowest when compared to those of other casino employees and non-gaming employees.

Looking at the results of the 257 gaming industry practitioners (including the 83 dealers), their confidence and satisfaction indices, reported at 3.00 and 3.13 respectively, were lower than those (at 3.10 and 3.31 respectively) of the 751 non-gaming employees interviewed in the survey.

However, all the seven sub-indices for gaming employees reported a growth of between 2.4 percent and 10.2 percent over the year 2009, performing better than the results of the non-gaming workers.

On the other hand, the survey has found that the 1,008 employees showed higher confidence in their career prospects and satisfaction in their jobs in 2010 than in the preceding year, with the two indices rising respectively by 4.1 percent to 3.07 and by 1.2 percent to 3.26.

The ISD director said the results implied that with Macau’s economy having rebounded and employment situations improving, local employees have “basically walked out from the shadow of the global financial crisis and gained back confidence in the prospects of the job market and their own careers”.

Nevertheless, the professor has called on employees to keep upgrading staff skills, pointing out that the Government and employers also need to consider to provide more vocational training and learning opportunities to their staff members especially the gaming practitioners, in order to enhance the overall morale in the company.


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