Security forces accused of unlawful treatment

Saturday, June 4, 2011
Issue 1324, Page 2
Word count: 373
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

A woman has accused Macau’s security forces of “planting drugs” on her, intimidation, physical assault and harassment over the past three years, but the Judiciary Police (PJ) spokesman denied all allegations and hinted that she may have psychological problems.

The woman held a press conference at the Areia Preta office of lawmakers Ng Kuok Cheong, Au Kam San and Chan Wai Chi yesterday.

She told reporters that on March 3, 2003 a close friend of hers, who is the son of a senior official at the Macau Prison (now already retired), drove his father’s car and accidentally hit a female scooter driver.

She claimed that the father afterwards talked her into claiming that she was the hit and run driver, but eventually her husband convinced her otherwise and she returned to the Public Prosecutions Office to change her testimony and “tell the truth”.

She said ever since she changed her testimony, she and her family have “constantly” been “intimidated and assaulted by a group of Public Security Police and PJ officers, prison guards and even triad members”.

The woman added that the police officers involved have filmed her and her parents at home without their knowledge.

Moreover, she claimed that on April 7, 2008 after she crossed the Gongbei border and entering the Border Gate Building, three PJ officers stopped her and accused her of smuggling drugs. She said although the policewoman could not find any evidence after a body search, the PJ “planted marijuana” on her.

However, the PJ had already issued a press statement the night before yesterday’s press conference, arguing that the woman was involved in three false police reports and had on multiple occasions insulted senior officials and other police force personnel in May 2010.

The PJ spokesman Lou Iok Chun added in a press briefing yesterday that the allegations are “without logic and basis”, but did not respond to reporters’ questions about whether all of what she has said is untrue.

He said the PJ suspected that she is suffering from a psychological illness and will request the hospital to carry out an examination if she accepts. The spokesman added that the PJ may press criminal charges against her if her psychological state is found to be normal.


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