Drivers working hours in line with law: DSAT

Monday, August 1, 2011
Issue 1372, Page 4
Word count: 347
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

In spite of many bus drivers being required to work overtime when the new bus service begins, director of the Transport Bureau (DSAT) Wong Wan said yesterday the three bus companies have assured that their employees’ rights and interests will still be maintained in line with the Labour Law.

After a group of Reolian drivers complained about their work shifts and the lack of rest periods last Friday, about 50 drivers from Transmac showed dissatisfaction over their remunerations and the calculation of serving years and gathered at the Fai Chi Kei North Bay bus terminal on Saturday.

Managing director of Transmac Chan Hio Ieong responded at a press conference that their drivers received a pay rise of an average of 8 percent in recent months, denying that their remunerations were worse than those of the other two companies.

She also said Transmac has increased the benefits including an annual MOP 35,000 bonus and compensation for those who resign at the age of 60.

After mediation by DSAT, Wong said it has been agreed that the drivers will submit a proposal based on their opinions to their employer on August 6, and after some analysis by the company the DSAT and Labour Affairs Bureau will invite representatives from both sides for negotiation.

Meanwhile, Wong told reporters on the sidelines of a bus service ceremony yesterday that Reolian has already made adjustments to its work shifts, assuring that all the three operators have “promised” to adhere to regulations stipulated in the Labour Law.

He said maintaining a “good communication bridge” is the key to prevent similar disputes in the future, adding that both Transmac and Reolian were “very sincere” in solving the problems.

On the other hand, general manager of Reolian, Cedric Rigaud, confirmed yesterday that his drivers may have to work as long as 10 hours a day until the end of next week due to a shortage of labour.

He said an additional 38 drivers will be put on the road after they finish training in two weeks time, taking the total number of drivers to 281.


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