Angola seeks closer ties with China

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Issue 1379, Page 4
Word count: 375
Published in: Macau Daily Times

By Poyi (Natalie) Leung

An official delegation from Angola paid a visit to the Chinese Liaison Office in Macau yesterday hoping to expand trade and economic cooperation with the mainland through the SAR gateway.

Led by Secretary for Economic Affairs to the President of Angola, Armando Manuel, the 23 senior officials from the republic arrived in Macau on Sunday to begin their three-day visit.

Deputy Director of the Chinese Liaison Office in Macau, Gao Yan, told the delegation in the meeting that the territory’s economy and finance have grown “stably” in recent years and economic prosperity has allowed the government to “improve people’s lives and increase their welfare”, which she believed has “surpassed” that of neighbouring regions.

Gao also said the central government is concerned about how Macau fulfils its role as a business service platform for Portuguese-speaking countries.

She pointed out that the SAR needs to “accelerate” the pace to achieve economic diversification and also put more effort into becoming a world travel and leisure hub and a service platform between China and Portuguese-speaking nations.

Nevertheless, the deputy director has asked the Angolan officials to come to Macau more often in the future.

Meanwhile, the Secretary for Economic Affairs from Angola thanked the Chinese Liaison Office in Macau for having vowed that its door “will always be opened” for the republic, adding that he understands Macau is a “necessary pathway” to enter mainland China.

Manuel said Macau has “a lot of resources” that can promote the relationship between Portuguese-speaking nations and China, and he hoped that enterprises from Angola and the SAR can consolidate their economic and trade relations.

“Angola is now one of the most important partners in Africa for China, cooperation between the two has become increasingly close and the aim of this visit is to expand the area of bilateral cooperation,” he pointed out.

The secretary also said the delegation has felt the “great progress” of Macau’s economy and also has “high hopes” for future cooperation with mainland China and the territory.

During the trip to the SAR, the Angolan officials will also meet with several government departments including secretary for Economy and Finance Francis Tam Pak Yuen and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and visit the cross-border industrial zone and entertainment and hotel facilities.

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